Taher Jaoui works and lives in Berlin, Germany.

Jaoui's compositions are built on an intuitive and an unconscious process. He uses different sources of inspiration, spanning from cartoon and graffiti-like drawings to Abstract Expressionism and Primitivism movements. Jaoui’s work joins together painting and drawing, abstraction and representation. Through a personal language in his compositions, he aims to stimulate a the viewer’s feelings and imagination and let them build their own interpretation of the picture. He often composes with semi-figurative elements, such as heads, legs, eyes or hands. He combines an aggressive use of color and texture with various combinations of oil, enamel, spray paint and charcoal on canvas. His work has been exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions across Europe, Africa and the USA. 


Paris-Sorbonne University 2007





 Ghaya Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia,  January 2018


Untitled I at Galerie la Rotonde - Galerie la Rotonde, April 2017, Paris, France


 Masques simulacres - Solo, Musk and Amber Gallery, September 2016, Tunis, Tunisia


Métamorphoses Collage- Solo, Gallerie les Insolites, Tangier, Morocco, November 2015

Simulacrum - Solo. Atelier MilanaSmokvine, Rijeka, Croatia, February 2015



Pop-Up, Mika Gallery, New York. July 20 - October 20 2018 


Bardo Exhibition. Aquabit Gallery, Berlin, Germany. April  2017

Cutting Edge. CoGalleries, Berlin, Germany. February  2017

Enter Art Foundation. Berlin, Germany. February  2017 


Edging. Ludwig Gallery, Berlin, Germany. August  2016

Dada 100 years after. Agora Gallery, Berlin, Germany. June  2016

Affordable art fair, Milan, Italy. March 2016

Let me be your Hero. Ghaya Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia. January 2016


GlueHeads #3, Alternativ Gallery, Berlin, Germany, December 2015

30 days arround the world, The Ballery Gallery, Berlin, Germany, October 2015

48 Stunden Neukoelln, Studio 74, Berlin, Germany, June 2015

Can’t judge a book by its cover, Maison de l’image, Tunis, Tunisia, May 2015

Artists from Berlin, Chef d’oeuvre, Tokyo, Japan, May 2015

Finders Keepers, Art Share LA Los Angeles, USA, March 2015

Simulacrum Collage Solo collages exhibition, Atelier MilanaSmokvine, Rijeka, Croatia, February 2015

GlueHeads #1, Alternativ Gallery, Berlin, Germany, January 2015

Mini-prints, Heiki Arndt DK Gallery, Berlin, Germany, November 2014 - March 2015