Born 1995 in Santa Clara and raised in Sacramento, Jose began drawing at the young age of 5. Drawing was his first passion as a young kid, which he mostly taught himself. Through his youth he had many temporary phases, his interests in art changed from zentangle designs to graffiti to what now is his current developing style in figurative painting. Some of his biggest influences in painting are the old master painters like Michelangelo, Peter Rubens, Jean Ingres, but also many modern painters like Picasso, George Condo, De Kooning,  Francis Bacon and much more. Jose’s theme in his artwork is classical figure painting with twisted features interfused together to give it an appalling look to them. He says in works he is intrigued by always share a type of grotesque and shocking look to them. What the artist hopes people take from his art is that they can have a different perspective on figurative art rather than just traditional painting.